App features explained


App features explained

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The app features of the Generali Cologne Marathon app explained

Home screen

On the home screen you will find the most important features of the app in a nutshell: tracking, selfie/photo, social wall #koelnmarathon, results & favourites, partners, news, Instagram, Facebook and leaderboard.

Some further functionalities can be discovered in the menu and settings.


In order to be able to use our Generali Cologne Marathon app as a runner for your participation in the Generali Cologne Marathon 2021 virtual edition and track yourselves on the course you are to log in into the app with your Registration ID (sent via email) and your surname.

On race day please activate the tracking. It is important to enable mobile data and to have availability of GPS locating on the entire course.

Note: Only when you track yourselves with our app you can take part in the race and will be included in the result list.

You can track yourselves live on a map where you really run. By clicking the ‘switch to actual/virtual location’ we project your position virtually onto our original Cologne Marathon course. You thus are really part of the party in Cologne!

As long as the volumen of your smartphone is turned on or you run with ear phones we will send you information about your performance during the race (see Audio Info).

The app will indicate when you will have reached the selected distance according to tracking data. Thus, the finish time will stop automatically. The tracking however will continue for approximately a quarter of an hour due to technical reasons when you do not stop it. This will not have any effect on the finish time.

After the race you can display and share your certificate and your finisher badge in social media.

We recommend: Please check the energy saving settings on your smartphones, particularly when using Android, so that the tracking will remain active during the whole time of your race. Some producers force apps to close after a longer period of high battery operation.


Our virtual race lives on your impressions and those of other runners! Take lots of pictures and selfies with the “Selfie/Photo” feature prior to, during and after the race and share them on Instagram or Twitter with our hashtag #koelnmarathon onto our social wall!

We offer some picture frames for your “best shot“. Just take a selfie/pic, select a frame optionally, save and post it!

Additionally, you can allow us to use your picture/s.

Social Wall #koelnmarathon

Via “Social Wall #koelnmarathon“ you can directly navigate to our social wall and have a look onto your Instagram posts and Twitter tweets and those of other runners with our hashtag #koelnmarathon.

The more and more frequent the merrier! Tell us your personal stories with pics/videos and text and share your experiences with us!

Results & favourites

Via the starters’ list you can mark other runners as favourites and follow them during the race. Spectators can do the same with you and other runners.

After the race you can display and share your certificate and your finisher badge in social media.


A big thank you to our competent and long partners Generali, RheinEnergie, Saucony, Reissdorf Alkoholfrei, Die Bergische, REWE Group and AWB for the nice collaboration and outstanding support particularly in times of Corona!

Without them even a virtual edition would not be possible! Thank you!


You can access all important information on our virtual race in the “News” section.


The “Instagram” button leads you to our Instagram account. Go there to see what we communicate.


While clicking on “Facebook” you will navigate to our Cologne Marathon account and you can have a look onto our posts.


The “Leaderboard” gives you and spectators an overview of the fastest athletes and check the split times.

Push messages

Please enable push messages in the “Settings” section so that we can provide you with last important information, your split and finish times etc. on race day.

Audio Experiences

With the audio messages of our host Tom Bartels we would like to beam you emotionally and directly into the famous “Cologne Marathon world” and support you acustically with “Audio Experiences” – the way as if you would really run here in Cologne! Think of the awesome atmosphere, the spectators, the hosts etc.

We recommend: Turn on the volume of your smartphone or run with ear phones (which is normally forbidden)!

Additional recommendation: Please download our “Audio Experiences” already in advance onto your smartphone when you have a good WLAN connection! Thus, you can enjoy them even when the connection on the course is worse!

Audio Info

We will send your split times per kilometre/mile and finish time via personalised audio messages (“Audio Info”) by ‘Emma’ directly to your smarthphone! Activate them on the tracking page.

We recommend: Turn on the volume of your smartphone or run with ear phones (which is normally forbidden)!


Within the “Settings” you can select the preferred unit of length for the tracking, activate push messages (times and finish times as well as news) and enable audio files (Audio Experiences) during the race.

We recommend: Activate all features! Thus, you ensure that we can best provide you with important information during the race!

Certificate & finisher badge

After the race you can display and share your certificate and your finisher badge in social media. Please go to “Tracking” or “Results & favourites”.