Generali Cologne Marathon app

Tracking, Social, …

👉 Note: GPS tracking via app is only possible for the marathon and half marathon (not for the relay team marathon and school marathon).


You can download our updated Generali Cologne Marathon app here:


For the login in the app you will need the RegistrationID and your name from the confirmation of participation.

Technical requirements

Use of the app

Tips for race day, October 2

Home screen

On the home screen you will find the most important features and content of the app in a nutshell. Live, Tracking, Selfie/Photo, Results & Favourites, Leaderboard, Partners, Shop, Arrival and Departure, My day and Sustainability.

Some further functionalities can be discovered in the menu (three horizontal lines in the top right): News, Social Wall #koelnmarathon, Instagram, Facebook, Settings with push notifications.


All our and your social media activities concerning the Generali Cologne Marathon will be compiled here.


In order to be able to use our new Cologne Marathon app as a runner you are to log in in the app with your Registration ID (will be sent via email in your confirmation of participation) and your name.

On race day please activate the tracking. It is important to enable Mobile data and to have availability of GPS locating on the entire course.

Your finish time will automatically be captured. But please stop the app tracking manually when you will have reached the finish not to send any GPS data any more.

After the race you can display and share your certificate and your finisher badge in social media.

We recommend: Please check the energy saving settings on your smartphone so that the tracking will remain active during the whole time of your race. Some producers force apps to close after a longer period of high battery operation.


Our race lives on your impressions and those of other runners! Take lots of videos, pictures and selfies with the “Selfie/Photo” feature prior to, during and after the race and share them on Instagram or Twitter with our hashtag #koelnmarathon onto our social wall!

We offer some picture frames for your “Best shot“. Just take a selife/pic, select a frame optionally, save and post it!

Results & Favourites

Via the starters’ list you can mark other runners as favourites and follow them during the race. Spectators can do the same with you and other runners.

After the race you can display and share your certificate and your finisher badge in social media.


The “Live leaderboard” gives you and spectators a live overview of the race. You can follow the runners and check the split times.


A big thank you to our competent and long partners Generali, RheinEnergie, Puma, Reissdorf Alkoholfrei, Pixum, REWE Group and AWB for the nice collaboration and outstanding support!

Without them the race would not be possible! Thank you!


Click on this button and go to our online shop. Rummage, shop and order a souvenir as you like.

Arrival and Departure

Please use the Waze navigational app (also belongs to the Google group Alphabet) for your arrival and departure. We provided our road closures and times in it. So when you use Waze for your navigation you will automatically be guided around the closures.

My day

Do not leave anything to chance and plan out race day completely. In order not to oversee anything here the most important facts and times for the Generali Cologne Marathon.


Years ago we have started a process to a more sustainable event and would like to go this path further – with your helf. On this screen we list all the measure we are already putting into practice.


You can access all important information on our virtual race in the “News” section.

Social Wall #koelnmarathon

Via “Social Wall #koelnmarathon“ you can directly navigate to our social wall and have a look onto your Instagram posts and Twitter tweets and those of other runners with our hashtag #koelnmarathon.

The more and more frequent the merrier! Tell us your personal stories with videos or pics and text and share your experiences with us!


The “Instagram” button leads you to our Instagram account. Go there to see what we communicate of the day.


While clicking on “Facebook” you will navigate to our Cologne Marathon account and you can have a look onto our posts of the day.

Push notifications

Please enable push notifications in the “Settings” section so that we can provide you with last important information.


Within the “Settings” you can select the preferred unit of length for the app tracking and activate push notifications.

Certificate & finisher badge

After the race you can display and share your certificate and your finisher badge in social media. Please go to “Tracking” or “Results & favourites”.