As of now also group registrations possible


As of now also group registrations possible

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A bit behind the schedule, but now easier and faster: As of now you may admin your group registrations online via our new registration portal. No annoying excel lists and codes any more!


Just create your individual login and add as many persons as you may convince and motivate prior to September 1, 2016!


And of course your endeavours will be rewarded: We will grant discounts for busy group registrants. Exceeding 10 registrations (single starters and/or relay teams) the entry fee will be reduced by € 5.00 for the marathon, by € 4.00 for the half marathon and by the € 10.00 for the relay team.


And in order to be save you may also book the entry fee protection for single starters – just for the case someone gets ill and cannot participate.


Note: This discount will be accounted and cleared at due date on September 1, 2016 only!


Create your indiviual login for the group registration here.