Chill your basics – summer runs and cool drinks


Chill your basics – summer runs and cool drinks

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Before the next heat wave will come up … As runners we have some strategies for training in midsummer. Running early in the morning, changing to cooler evening sessions or – mea culpa! – using the treadmill in an air-conditioned fitness studio. But frankly speaking isn’t a quick lap at 30°C outside an endurance booster? Heat training instead of altitude training so to speak?

We ask Dr. Stefan Redlin, sports physician of the sports medical centre in Solingen: “Even at warm weather conditions and heat a running training session is possible and often cannot to be avoided“, he says. “E. g. in the preparation period for a fall marathon. But it is only necessary for a targeted preparation when you intend to participate in competitions under corresponding weather conditions and to adapt your body.“


Running in the heat: You can do it but …

… always with a good plan! Do you nonetheless want to train in the heat please consider elementary measures, the physician emphasizes. “Sufficient hydration is of paramount importance. Also an appropriate sun protection.“

Further, he advises to only do moderate training sessions. “It has to be considered that the bodily performance is reduced in the heat“, Redlin explains. “Running pace and distance should be adapted accordingly. Exaggerated, abnormal ambition does not fit.“ Choose shady running courses and care of a sufficient regeneration time after the runs: Thus you spare your body.

Listen to your body signals during the runs thoroughly. “In the case of the distress during the runs“ – e. g. cardiovascular problems, sickness or headache, – “the run should be stopped directly and cool surroundings should be sought for“, the cardiologist stresses. Moreover, he reminds: “Sweating is an important mechanism for a body cool-down that does not work or work restrictedly only at high air humidity.“ Having sticky hot weather conditions you should have a backup plan to keep your body temperature in an appropriate scale.


Our tipps for hot running days: