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Kids Run

Kids Run

Entry fees

The entry fees for the Generali Cologne Marathon go by certain contingencies of entry slots, not according to certain points in time.

Entry slots Entry fee
1 – 199 €5.00
200 – 750 €7.00

Race information – What do I have to know as a parent?

We will organise the RheinEnergie Cologne Kids Run on October 2, 2021 – the day before race day, next to Cologne Cathedral.

The kids will start in the following races:

  • 500 m (years of birth 2015-2017)
  • 1,000 m (years of birth 2011-2017)
  • 2,000 m (years of birth 2011-2015)

All races will be held without any chronometry; girls and boys will start into the race mutually.

All kids and pupils of the years of birth 2010 to 2016 with an official bib number are eligible to start.

As the parent or teacher I have to accept the liability exclusion, and the kid/s or pupil/s has/have to feel fit to absolve the course alone.

Note: The kids have to run over the course without me as the parent or teacher.

We recoomend to register the kids early enough online for the kids run.

The participant limit is 750 kids in total. Depending on the number of participants the kids will start according to years of birth and/or sex.

We store and process the person-related data from your registration for the conduct and realisation of the event, particularly the data necessary for payment (via raceresult AG) and communications.

Without the following consent a participation in our event is not possible: You explicitly agree to the publication of your last name, first name, sex, year of birth, age category, club, bib number and result (position and times) in all race-related media such as online media (e. g. web site, app, live stream, social media), print media and TV.

The bib numbers will be automatically allocated when registering, communicated in the email confirmation of registration and published in the internet.

Please use the four pins provided to fix the bib number in the height of the chest.

Alteration of the bib number such as concealing or deviating the sponsors bar will lead to disqualification.

By presenting the email confirmation of participation the bib number can be picked up:

  • Friday, October 1, 10:00 a. m. to 8:00 p. m. at the Running.EXPO in MOTORWORLD
  • Saturday, October 2, 9:00 to 10:00 a. m. at Cologne Cathedral

Note: No late entries on race day, Saturday 2, 2021.

Please enroll your kid/s easily online.

In case you want to register a group of kids no problem!
Just add another kid within the registration process.

You will then receive an email confirmation of registration directly. In the end of September 2021 the oficial email confirmation of participation with the last important information will follow.

Note: No late entries on race day, Saturday 2, 2021.

Registrations via phone or email will not be accepted!

(maybe subject to change

  • after kids and youngster church service in Cologne Cathedral approx. 11:15 a. m.: 500 m run (years of birth 2015-2017)
  • afterwards: 1,000 m runf (years of birth 2011-2017)
  • afterwards: 2,000 m run (years of birth 2011-2017)

All kids crossing the finish line will receive a well-deserved medal and a participation certificate.

Prior to the first start there will be church service for kids and youngsters in Cologne Cathedral at 10:30 a. m.

Further entertainment items planned.

Please find further information in the FAQ section (tbc, currently still as of 2019/2020).

Kids Run course


Sustainability is one of THE topics of the 21st century. We, the employees of the Cologne Marathon, together with our partners would also like to contribute to save and conserve our planet and to use resources, as far as possible, reasonably.

And in order to reach our aims we need your help! Please support us by throwing the cups on the course and in the post-finish refreshment area into the corresponding nets. But also by disbanding from the widespread “We have done it always like this” idea. The first step towards more sustainability is thinking about it.

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