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Entry fees

The entry fees for the Generali Cologne Marathon go by certain contingencies of entry slots, not according to certain points in time.

Entry slots Entry fee
1 – 999 €80.00
1,000 – 2,999 €90.00
3,000 – 7,000 €100.00

Race information – What do I have to know?

We will organise the Generali Cologne Marathon according to Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verbandes (DLV) e. V.’s international competitions rules and International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) regulations under the supervision of the DLV. These guidelines are obligational for runners with and without German Athletics Federation (DLV)’s pass.

The compliance with these rules will be checked and recorded by the referees.

The age classes are as follows: 18-19 years, 20-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80 years and older. Most relevant for this categorisation is the date of birth.


Special scorings

  • age categories M/F  (see above)
  • teams M/F: the 3 best participants of a club or company
  • city championship M/F: official residence in Cologne (ZIP code/post code 50400 – 51300) – proof needed for award ceremony!
  • regional Southeast marathon championships (LVN-Regio Südost Marathon Meisterschaft M/F): single and teams
  • student cup M/F: for matriculated students at German universities
  • costumes scoring  presented by Kölnische Rundschau

For the challenge marathon you must at least be 18 years of age on race day (birthday in 2003 and older) and possess an official bib number with a transponder.

14,999 other runners may start with you.

Please note that, due to a strict timeframe, you are to complete the competition within a time of 6:00 hours net. Otherwise you will be taken off the course and brought to the finish area by bus.

The course has to be re-opened then for public traffic according to City of Cologne guidelines.

We store and process the person-related data from your registration for the conduct and realisation of the event, particularly the data necessary for payment (via raceresult AG) and communications.

Without the following consent a participation in our event is not possible: You explicitly agree to the publication of your last name, first name, sex, year of birth, age category, club, bib number and result (position and times) in all race-related media such as online media (e. g. web site, app, live stream, social media), print media and TV.

Starting times (may be subject to change)

8:30 a. m. half marathon

10:00 a. m. marathon including relay teams and school marathon
starting blocks RED, BLUE, YELLOW an ORANGE


The start will be located on Opladener Straße next to Ottoplatz/Bahnhof Deutz.

Your time will be measured with a transponder attached to the bib number by race result for the first time.

You must wear a transponder to get an official finishing time!

Please fasten your bib number in breast height on shirt.

Please do NOT use magnetic pins or the like for fixing the bib number. They can have a negative impact on chronometry and the detection of your times.

Make sure that you overrun all chronometry mats along the course. Lacking interval times may cause in disqualification.

The first 10 finishers per sex will be ranked by gross time and be marked by * in the result list.

Enjoy the moment! Directly after crossing the finish line you will obtain your well-deserved finisher medal.

You may have a look onto a first, unofficial preliminary certificate with a click on your name in the result list in the internet.

Your official certificate with the final time and positioning will be available approximately one week after the race (after the period for objection) at the same place.

Note: Within this period positionings can change.

Our race will be organized according to our, IAAF and DLV guidelines and specifications.

A violation of these provisions will directly lead to disqualification, i. e.:

  • starting without any bib number or any transponder or manipulation of transponder or chronometry (lacking intervall times, abandoning or shortening the course)
  • starting with more than one transponder
  • starting in the wrong starting block ahead, to be monitored via chronometry!
  • alteration of the bib number such as concealing or deviating the sponsors bar
  • transfer of bib number and/or transponder to another person
  • exceeding the given time limit
  • undershooting the required age
  • carrying along baby buggies, baby joggers etc.
  • carrying along animals
  • carrying along or using other technical devices
  • accompanying on bikes, inline skates etc.
  • taking illegal performance-enhancing substances (doping)
  • wearing headphones and listening to music via technical devices, e. g. iPods, smartphones etc.
  • violences against DLV and/or IAAF competition rules

In case you would like to register 10 or more single starters for the half marathon and/or marathon please make use of the group registration option.

The discount per person (10% off) will be cleared as soon as you reach or exceed the relevant participant number.

A downgrade from marathon to half marathon is not possible at all.

Changing names or handing over the bib number to another person are not possible at all and will lead to direct disqualification.


Please find further information in the FAQ section (tbc, currently still as of 2019/2020).

Discover the course

The top 10

Here please find the fasted ever run times (women and men) as well as the fastest times per year (other scorings).

Positioning Name Country Time
#1 Helena Kirop KE 02:25:34
#2 Angelina Kanana KE 02:27:27
#3 Shetaye Bedaso ET 02:27:29
#4 Luminita Zaituc DE 02:28:24
#5 Janet Rono KE 02:28:36
#6 Malgozata Sobanska PL 02:28:42
#7 Makda Harun KE 02:29:03
#8 Sabrina Mockenhaupt DE 02:29:33
#9 Robe Tola Guta ET 02:29:36
#10 Malgozata Sobanska PL 02:29:39
Positioning Name Country Time
#1 Alfred Kering KE 02:07:37
#2 Limenih Getachew ET 02:07:39
#3 Duncan Koech KE 02:07:53
#4 Laban Mutai KE 02:08:01
#5 Evans Kipkogei Ruto KE 02:08:36
#6 Samson Bungei KE 02:08:36
#7 Raymond Kipchumba Choge KE 02:08:39
#8 Samson Kipron Barmao KE 02:08:56
#9 Adam Khamis KE 02:09:09
#10 Victor Lagat KE 02:09:13
Positioning Name Country Time
#1 Ira Korsten DE 02:44:59
#2 Maike Schön DE 02:47:51
#3 Maike Schön DE 02:48:34
#4 Ira Korsten DE 02:50:50
#5 Stefanie Soeder DE 02:50:56
#6 Anja Lamberty DE 02:53:21
#7 Ira Korsten DE 02:55:03
#8 Marlies Meyer DE 02:56:20
#9 Ute Wichelmann DE 02:56:25
#10 Sigrid Bühler DE 02:56:38
Positioning Name Country Time
#1 Philippe Gillen DE 02:26:12
#2 Carsten von Kuk DE 02:27:13
#3 Carsten von Kuk DE 02:27:21
#4 Philippe Gillen DE 02:28:42
#5 Carsten von Kuk DE 02:29:57
#6 Carsten von Kuk DE 02:31:08
#7 Rana Martin Bhattacharjee DE 02:31:20
#8 Axel Lüder DE 02:31:42
#9 Carsten von Kuk DE 02:31:49
#10 Fabian Rahn DE 02:33:41
Positioning Name Country Time
#1 DLDC Aachen DE 08:49:21
#2 SV Saar 05 Saarbrücken DE 09:31:56
#3 LAZ Puma Troisdorf/Siegburg DE 09:38:00
#4 LTF Marpingen DE 09:38:31
#5 LA TuS Mayen DE 09:57:12
#6 Germania 07 Dürwiss DE 09:58:54
#7 LG Braunschweig DE 09:59:12
#8 TV Refrath DE 10:00:34
#9 SG Stern Sindelfingen DE 10:02:58
#10 DJK Laufwölfe Fürsteneck DE 10:03:44
Positioning Name Country Time
#1 DJK A. Würselen DE 07:33:17
#2 LG Bonn/Troisdorf DE 07:34:50
#3 LA Team Dorsten DE 07:36:07
#4 TSV Adelberg DE 07:42:30
#5 LT DSHS Köln DE 07:45:41
#6 LAZ Puma Rhein-Sieg 1 DE 07:53:55
#7 VMOL DE 07:58:14
#8 MPM DE 08:00:03
#9 US Maubeuge DE 08:02:48
#10 UAC DE 08:07:49
Positioning Name Country Time
#1 Maike Schön DE 02:47:51
#2 Stephanie Strate DE 02:58:13
#3 Claudia Maria Henneken DE 03:01:04
#4 Vanessa Ohm DE 03:15:00
#5 Claudia Maria Henneken DE 03:21:07
Positioning Name Country Time
#1 Hendrik Pfeiffer DE 02:13:39
#2 Philippe Gillen LU 02:26:14
#3 Lukas Bauer DE 02:41:55
#4 Dennis Baus DE 02:46:56
#5 Leon Kriszeleit DE 02:50:08
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What to do when you get ill prior to the race or you cannot come due to important reasons?

The Generali entry fee insurance (managed by Europ Assistance) will cover the costs of the entry fee e. g. in the case of illness, accident, unemployment, short-time work or extensive damage to your property (cf. insurance policy, in German 🇩🇪 only).

Book the entry fee insurance – depending on the entry fee contingency for € 5.36 (first contingency), € 6.96 (second and third contingency) or € 10.65 (fourth contingency) – and you can start your training without any stress! :o)

Please find further information on the coverage of the policy here (in German 🇩🇪 only!).

What is to do in the case of an insured event? As long as you booked this insurance and you cannot take part in the race please deregister via this form (see below) and send the following documents to the insurance at reise@europ-assistance.de:

  • copy of your email confirmation of registration
  • copy of your email confirmation of participation, if available
  • fully filled deregistration form
  • copy of the insurance pass (“Versicherungsausweis”) – see your email confirmation of registration
  • proof of illness, damage etc. (e. g. medical certificate)
  • your bank details (IBAN and BIC)
Icon Startgeldversicherung

Plakat Studi-Werk Cup

Student cup

Those who learn a lot need to keep a level head! And to keep this, as is well-known, you have to do sports and go running. Therefore, we would like to award running students and will again introduce the student cup (‘Studi-Werk Cup’ in German 🇩🇪) in cooperation with the Kölner Studierendenwerk for the marathon and half marathon like year before.

When you are currently matriculated at a German university you may register online prior to September 22, 2021 for cheaper rates (after the first entry fee contingency 10% off the entry fee). Note: This scoring is not available for elite runners.

And we will have fancy prices for the fastest would-be graduates:

  • #1: € 250.00 for the semester fee, sponsored by Generali Cologne Marathon
  • #2: € 150.00 for the canteen, sponsored by Kölner Studierendenwerk
  • #3: € 70.00 CologneTourism voucher, e. g. for KölnShop, concert tickets etc.

NEW: The award ceremony will directly take place on stage in the finish after the race for the first time. Please bring your valid student ID to race. We will check it before the award ceremony.

Note: Should you already be registered for the race we still may enroll you for the special student scoring. A reimbursement will however not be possible.


Sustainability is one of THE topics of the 21st century. We, the employees of the Cologne Marathon, together with our partners would also like to contribute to save and conserve our planet and to use resources, as far as possible, reasonably.

And in order to reach our aims we need your help! Please support us by throwing the cups on the course and in the post-finish refreshment area into the corresponding nets. But also by disbanding from the widespread “We have done it always like this” idea. The first step towards more sustainability is thinking about it.

Icon Nachhaltigkeit