Your finish – #fancyfinish


Your finish – #fancyfinish

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Crazy runners, listen:

A real finish crossing at Cologne Cathedral will unfortunately not be possible this year …

But maybe you will organise your own finish with lots of ballyhoo 🚀💥, family, friends etc. and post this video with the two hashtags #koelnmarathon and #fancyfinish onto our social wall.

The craziest ideas of this #fancyfinish will for sure be included into our social live stream this Sunday, October 4, at 6:00 p. m. (in German only 🇩🇪).

We will stream live on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Note: Should you take some videos during your run while listening to our Radio Köln playlist, this action will interrupt the playback of the playlist until the next audio experience. This does not affect the audio infos.